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Gen3 Energy Services LLC, is a Veteran and minority owned company, headquartered in Greensboro, NC, providing construction services to the underground utility and the telecommunications industry(s) in the Southeastern United States.


The company is built upon 75 years of combined experience in providing exceptional service, dedication and excellence in delivering construction services to the underground utility industry, in multiple states. The companies core values and beliefs are that safety, customer service, exceptional quality work, minimal environmental impact, highly skilled employees and on-time performance can be achieved harmoniously and as basic standards of operation in the industry. Our dedication to employee satisfaction and development is at the core of our value system.


Gen3 Energy Services, LLC strives to achieve a "family" atmosphere focused on employee growth and development.  Through investment in our people, safety and efficiency will be enhanced, resulting in achievement of our goals and objectives.  We believe in building long lasting relationships with our partners, in which trust and reliability are developed, yielding to long term growth opportunities benefiting both partners.  Furthermore, because of our structure and model, we are able to offer extremely competitive pricing for all of our customers.


We bring these principles and our combined business experience to the Utility Construction Industry, with eagerness and dedication to deliver exceptional results to our customers on a consistent basis.   


About Gen3 Energy Services 

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